Measurement Formulas for our plastic bags, poly bags and dust / drum covers

  • 1,000 Square Feet of .001 Film = 4.8 lbs
  • Circumference = Diameter x Pie (3.146)
  • Convert MM to Inches: MM x .03937 = Inches
  • Convert Inches to MM: inches x 25.4 = Mills
  • Convert Mills to Microns: Mills x 25.4 = Microns
  • Dust cover: (W + 1) x (D + 1) x (11 + 1/2D + 4)
  • Liner: (W + 1) x (D + 1) x (H + D + 6): Includes Length for Tie off or Seal
plastic bag and poly bags measurement formulas

Liners and Cover’s plastic bags and poly bags are an economical solution for an array of industrial packaging applications. Our low-density polyethylene bags are made using LDPE, LLDPE and other FDA approved resins.

Our poly bags and plastic bags are known for their moisture resistance, overall strength and extreme temperatures. Our wholesale stock bags and liners come in a variety of sizes and formats that address both capacity and durability.

Liners and Cover’s mission has always been to provide industrial manufacturers, distributors and specialists with a total packaging solution. Our customer service, quality assurance and devotion to customers, suppliers and other business partners have made us a well respected leader in the industrial packaging industry for almost 60 years. To get your plastic bags or poly bags or to ask a question, please email us by submitting your inquiry here or call us toll free at 1-888-354-8990. Our outstanding customer service specialists are standing by to answer your questions and help you find the right bags for your needs.