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Drum liners keep your drums and pails in top condition

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Drum Liners Selection:
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Drum liners and pail liners are the practical and inexpensive way to protect your products from external elements. Liners and Covers offers an expansive selection of affordable, high quality round bottom drum and pail liners for most industrial applications. Custom size drum liner bags are also available. All of our drum and pail liners meet FDA requirements.

Round Bottom Drum Liners – Get total product recovery while reducing drum downtime with these drum liners. The flexible 360o shape reduces seal stress and evenly distributes weight. Save time and money by increasing drum and pail longevity. Our exceptionally durable round bottom liners have capacities ranging from 5 through 55 gallons and come in a wide range of different sizes and thicknesses.

Antistat Round Bottom Drum Liners – Safely package potentially flammable materials.  Reduce the static charge and clinging effect of dry powders and chemicals.

Flat Bottom Drum Liners – One of our most economical options for holding materials, these liners feature a straight seam and can help in reducing drum and pail wear/downtime.

Rigid Drum Liners – These molded, seamless leak-proof liners are ideal for packaging liquids and food.  Extend the lifetime of drums and pails while reducing maintenance downtime.

Antistat Rigid Drum Liners – These rigid drum liners are manufactured with an antistatic additive formulated to reduce dangerous static charge and static build up. These liners are ideal for industrial applications involving flammable materials, such as high speed pumping and mixing.

Polypropylene Round Bottom Drum Liners – Safely package hot-fill products up to 320oF degrees in these flexible liners.

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