Film Constructions for our plastic bags, poly bags and dust / drum covers

single wound sheeting double wound sheeting

Single Wound Sheeting

Double Wound Sheeting

layflat tubing gusseted tubing

Layflat Tubing

Gusseted Tubing

centerfold a-wind centerfold b-wind

Centerfold A-Wind

Centerfold B-Wind

m-sheeting j-sheeting



center-slit sheeting double fold sheeting

Center-Slit Sheeting

Double Fold Sheeting

We have a great variety of film constructions for our durable and affordable plastic bags, poly bags, dust covers and drum covers. Single wound, double wound, layflat tubing, gusseted tubing, double fold sheeting, center-slit sheeting, M-sheeting, J-Sheeting, and Centerfold A- and B-Wind types allow us to provide customized solutions to various industrial packaging applications for our valued customers.

Liners and Covers’ mission is to provide manufacturers, distributors and specialists with the best industrial packaging solutions possible. Our quality assurance, customer service and dedication to our products have given us a top-notch reputation in the industrial packaging industry for almost 60 years.

To ask a question or order your plastic bags or poly bags, please feel free to email us by submitting an inquiry form here or calling toll free at 1-888-354-8990. Our customer service specialists can answer any question you may have in order to help you find the right bags for your needs.