Polypropylene bags

Polypropylene round bottom drum bags hold temps up to 320 degrees

Round bottom polypropylene drum bags are an excellent choice for packaging of hot-fill products. Made from the thermoplastic polymer polypropylene, these heavy duty drum bags are incredibly resistant to temperatures of up to 320 degrees. They are used widely for the packaging of oils, greases, food and other industrial products.

The concept of the round bottom pail bag revolves around "no loss of product" and "total recovery of product". The cylindrical 360º shape of the round bottom pail bag seal prevents product from "lodging" in the wrinkles and creases that are typical in "flat" bottom bags. Product weight is distributed around the entire seal so that seal stress is reduced.

Polypropylene round bottom drum bags are easy to insert into a pail, drum or any container, improving in-plant productivity and ultimately reducing labor costs. The round bottom drum bag is designed to protect expensive product and pails, insuring cost reduction when cleaning and re-conditioning.

All polypropylene round bottom drum bags are manufactured using prime virgin FDA approved resins.

Our selection of polypropylene round bottom pail bags is listed below. In addition, we also offer a large variety of round bottom pail bags and antistat drum bags.

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